Thursday, May 5, 2016

Puerto Vallarta: Flowers and Mosaics at Hacienda Mosaico Part 2

This is part two of my photos taken while taking a mosaics class with Jan Huling and Nancy Josephson at Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta.  When not in class I wandered around (and around) the grounds, taking photos of things I wanted to remember.

There was glassware inside the main lobby of the hacienda that I kept coming back to, especially in the afternoon when the sun came through the window.

This is the view out the doorway of the same room:

Mosaic water feature:

Details of the left side:

I cannot find a specific name for this, but there seems to be a tradition in Mexico to make folk art out of old tools and hang it on walls like this. There was also one at the place where we stayed in Oaxaca.

Palm (?) stem? I'm a sucker for these kinds of stems where you can see leaves and branches forming as well as the stem.

Another view from the mirror in the little enclosed area. This is the garden facing the mirror.

The mosaic table near the kitchen, by moonlight.

Ginger?  I've seen this same kind of plant in Hawaii.

Another mystery plant.

Another view of the purple vine that grew both here and in Oaxaca. Identified as possibly an allamanda, related to "black eyed susan vine", which grows in the US, orange to orange with black center flowers, much smaller.

There were a lot of glass hearts hanging around, each more fun to photograph than the next. They twirled slowly, so you had to wait for just the right sideways view to come up when taking a photo.

Hanging fish. It looks like glass was blown inside of a pre-existing metal structure.

The wild entry way to Hacienda Mosaico.

Some sort of passion vine.

Reflection of palm trees and clouds on the surface of the deep blue swimming pool.

Seriously large philodendron:

This is the side of a little painted metal bird feeder. Again I saw these elsewhere in Mexico.  I love the mustard yellow and the crackly texture.

Bromeliad as groundcover.

Not supposed to have snacks.....but if you just were to slip a little something down to me it will be our little secret.....

Princess riding in a pocket!

Rooster with hat....

Another houseplant used as a ground cover. Argh!

The same kind of red passion vine with a bright yellow wall as a background.

'nother heart...

and another....

The interesting thing with the mosaic pieces that included glass bits: when I tried to focus in on them too close the camera would focus on the reflection rather that what was immediately in front of it.

Tropical something or other....

Maybe a banana flower?

"Bugambilia" aka bougainvillea. See subsequent post for story of this....

'das it, though I have more specialized photos, and photos from town, that I will post soon

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Puerto Vallarta: Flowers and Mosaics at Hacienda Mosaico Part 1

This is part one of my photos taken while taking a mosaics class with Jan Huling and Nancy Josephson at Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta.

Here is where I spent my first week in Mexico. While I will agree with those who say that the town of Puerto Vallarta is pretty touristy, there are still wonderful places, such as the place where we spent the week for our mosaics/beading class. This is what my room, Room 7, at Hacienda Mosaico, has attached to the wall. There was actually so much art to do that there was very little partying because we always wanted to get up early the next morning and get back to working on our projects.

This mosaic was on the wall along the passageway leading from my room to the workshop area. Hacienda Mosaico is filled with secret passageways, hidden mosaic walls, tiny gardens.  Every morning and many evenings I would stalk about with my camera, taking photos of more or less the same things but under different lighting conditions. It was worth it because often the first shots didn't look nearly as interesting as later shots.

This was a hanging globe outside of a little sheltered area.

Close up of same. It is a mixture of opaque and translucent glass colors.

The wall in the courtyard area next to the workroom had succulents in these half-planters attached to the wall. Puerto Vallarta seems to have the perfect landscape both for tropical things and drought tolerant things.

And there were plants and more plants, even a table where plants were being propagated, scientific names on the tags. Here is a bougainvillea, looking up:

Cattle skulls around a palm trunk. Future beading projects, perhaps.

Some of the mosaics were made of glass. It took me a couple of days to really learn to appreciate these. The mosaic changes depending on where the viewer is, so sometimes it reflects blue sky, other times green banana leaves.

Some of the protected passageways were lined with episcia flowers. OMG, I mean EPISCIA flowers! Please pardon my excitement because these things will only grow in greenhouses where I am, and not always happy there. This may be a particularly hardy species; they all looked the same.

One of my favorite mosaics was on the outside of a large clay oven. There is something about flower mosaic shapes that I find irresistible.  Well, circles in general I really love.

Here is a bit of that same mosaic, framed by banana leaves, in better lighting:

There is this beautiful face embedded on one side:


Tropical bloom. Banana??

Tropical vine.  I probably saw 10 to 15 vines that I can't identify throughout my time in Mexico.

Breakfast and lunch were a part of the program. Mexican food cooked by excellent cooks; also an introduction to several fruit drinks that were quite nice. We ate at this mosaic table. The glass was grouted and added to the top of a glass table, but underneath it was painted in a rainbow of colors.

It was hot and humid but for some reason I was always too busy with mosaics to take a dip in this pool. I did spend a lot of time enjoying the reflections it provided.

Colorful glasses in the sunshine. The kitchen was under a shelter outside. 

There were two mosaics, this circle and a peacock, that were most professionally done, with a multitude of different tile types and precise details. Somewhere I took a photo of the group who produced them; I will add it when I find it again.

Palm leaf in the sun.


The same little sheltered area that had the hanging globe also had a mirror with a mosaic frame, on a yellow-orange wall. I came by several times to take a picture of the garden beyond, as reflected in the mirror.

Another flower, unidentified....

The owner, Sam, and the owner's owner. This little doggie had only lived here for a couple of weeks but it acted like it owned the place. 100 pounds of confidence and charm in a 3 pound body....

I fell in love with the textiles in the main lobby and was happy when I found similar ones to buy in Oaxaca.

Again I kept sneaking back into this room to take morning and afternoon photos.

A glass sculpture with afternoon light shining through.

That's it for round 1 of Hacienda Mosaico photos. More soon, plus photos of my project and a tour of a Huichol art museum/sale room.